Meet Johanna Hagerman

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Hatha and Restorative yoga teacher and educated behavioral scientist with a focus on the subjects of social psychology, HR and leadership. Yoga has been in my life for over ten years and has been with me through life's ups and downs. The techniques in yoga provide a chance for recovery and to replenish with new energy and power and a chance to listen inward. On the yoga mat, I can also meet myself and work out challenges related to everyday life, for example, patience, discipline, stress, worry. But also to really give me time for relaxation, which can sometimes be the most difficult thing to deal with in today's connected society.

For me yoga is so much more than physical positions and during life it has been linked to other parts of life, from a number of separate tools to a woven toolbox. Experiences in gymnastics, dance, singing, meditation, psychology, philosophy and writing. All of these knowledge touches on body awareness and self-awareness and has in a way come together in yoga and yoga philosophy for me. For yoga can be all this but in its simplicity, yoga can also be a brief moment of conscious presence or a physical position coupled with the breath.

Your journey is your own and I share mine.


Why Yoga?


Mindfulness makes you aware of your thoughts feelings and bodily sensations. With awareness and presence in the now, an opportunity is created to control our attitudes and thoughts towards ourselves and our surroundings, in the direction we want and need.


There is something called "relax responses" a condition that gives the body time to recover and heal. Putting the body in this state with the help of, for example, relaxation, yoga nidra and restorative yoga also results in deeper sleep and a calmer nervous system.

Stilling the mind in meditation gives the body both calm and clarity. Continuous meditation training provides the ability to handle emotions and thoughts more easily. But it also affects the body directly by lowering blood pressure and reducing feelings of stress.

Body awareness

To focus inward, raise your breath and observe the body in several positions. Gives you awareness within that allows you to feel what you need both mentally and physically.

Pranayama means extention of the breath or life-force.  Different breath controls have a different effects on the body. For example a slow breath with focus on exhale calms the nervous system while a more intense rapid breathing increases the heat and energy of the body.


Mindfulness and meditation lower the stress hormone cortisol in the body and slow conscious movements activate the tranquility of the parasympathetic nervous system.


“Yoga begins with listening. When we listen, we are giving space to what is.”


Yoga for staff

Yoga at work is an excellent way to offer their staff health care in an easily accessible way.

The yoga session takes 1 hour and includes a moment of relaxation.

Private Yoga Classes

We offer personal training in all yoga forms with individually tailored programs.

Right now

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