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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

In the time of Corona I want to share some tools that I use, to keep faith and health in my everyday life.

1. Drink lot's of water! I start my mornings with at least 5 deciliter hot water with lemon, turmeric and 2 spoons of olive oil. It keeps the cleansing going and the belly happy. I also drink water during the day.

2. A good sleep is essential to keep the immune system intact. I recommend Yoga Nidra, Yin yoga or Restorative Yoga or Body scanning. It helps the body to get into relax responsive mood. The Relax response will lower your worries and anxiety, but also help you sleep better at night and give a much deeper sleep and even activate the bodies own healing system.

3. A discipline of 5-30 minutes of yoga/meditation of any kind every morning. A meeting with your body and spirit to notice your breath and awareness at least a couple of minutes everyday is essential to stay in the heart.

I can say nothing less than listen to your heart and body and some things will shift. (NOTE! There is other ways than yoga to be mindful and have a meet up with yourself, make sure that you find your way and listen to your own needs. It could be a walk in the park or running. For me it is yoga and meditation)

4. Affirmations and Gratitude - Gratitude of what I already have, there is always something maybe just one small thing to be grateful for in this now. Writing a gratitude list regularly helps me.

But also asking myself what am I telling myself right now? Is it happy thoughts or misery thoughts? Neither way its fine, it is totally fine! Judgement towards myself, doesn't help. Its just that if you put in a happy thought once in a while it will give a boost to your system. So it is good to at least notice, how it shifts if you affirm yourself with for example " I am safe, healthy and protected" . The body will respond to that, I am sure. "Striving towards awareness and acceptance is the key I believe"

5. Writing - write down all your fears and worries or thoughts. Something happens as we write them down both in acceptance and forgiveness. Maybe it is totally normal to worry about things in our everyday life? As I write I let the thoughts all out and then somehow something shifts again.

6. Breath/ Pranayama

Don't forget to breath! If we don't breath properly the body will not function properly neither. Make sense? A start can be to just notice the breath once in a while, where is the breath located? What does it feel like to breath in your body right now?

Okey that was some of the tools I use. But my recommendation is not to be too ambitious and try them all at once. But to choose something and stick with it for two weeks and see what happens :) Small things can change your life with discipline and dedication!

Much love and light //Johanna

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